Fujifilm receives leads from online publications of organizations interested in their products and services.

To utilize their Marketo marketing automation system to nurture these leads, Fujifilm turned to SGW. SGW set up tailored work streams, lead scoring, user journey tracking and email streams with the goal of educating the audience on the benefits of tape for data storage and ultimately move these leads further down the sales funnel. New content is added as necessary and integrated into the appropriate locations in the various streams. Leads are sent to Fujifilm salespeople via their CRM for follow up.

SGW develops mobile friendly email templates, executes A/B testing (of subject lines and creative), creates video teasers to entice people to view content, and develops optimized and responsive landing pages with integrated Marketo tracking.

The ongoing program continuously adds leads into the program and is used to help sift through the leads and identify the most relevant sales prospects. It is monitored on a regular basis and reported on monthly to ensure the program performs to its peak.