“Out-smart the competition… don’t try and outspend them”

This has been SGW’s working philosophy since we were established in 1986 as a technology-driven integrated marketing communication firm.

SGW delivers seamless integrated marketing, with each communication tactic aligning and supporting each other. Our upfront strategic planning optimizes client’s budgets and our integrated communications approach amortizes costs to produce the most cost efficient and effective strategies that fulfill a client’s expectations and their financial goals and communication objectives. SGW is results focused and our industry teams follow and monitor a client’s customer experience and journey in real-time.

But we know it’s not enough to simply offer great marketing strategies. To be viewed as a respected and valued marketing partner you need to do more than just walk the walk and talk the talk. It means having experienced industry authorities who lived and successfully faced the same challenges our clients do each day. So, we recruit industry experts and authorities to direct the development of vertical industry strategies and then supervise and oversee the performance of a client’s strategic industry plan.

And to address the constant and never-ending marketing advancements and technology changes we spun two divisions off from SGW and created two independent companies.  For media outreach, public and influencer relations, social media networking and content curation, we formed 3E Public Relations and to address the challenges of developing and implementing digital marketing strategies, we created Digital Dealer Direct.

Clients have told us “it’s like having the best of two worlds.” They work with industry experts that know their business as well, if not better than they do, while executing the most innovative, effective and cost-efficient technology driven marketing programs available today. SGW’s unique working philosophy combines talent and technology that keeps our clients ahead of their competition.

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