We make it a priority to promote a balanced lifestyle and reinforce that family comes first. Family is our way of life and we’ve created an environment where our people genuinely care for one another. From the top down, we promote the core values of respect, teamwork and compassion and our authentic culture extends to our clients.

We are very fortunate and believe in giving back, so we support many philanthropic foundations and actively participate in charities within our local community.

Client Partnership

The major attributes and foundation pillars for establishing “good” successful long-term client relationships are respect, honesty, transparency, trust and loyalty.

SGW’s team-members are all dedicated to continual learning, education, and enhancing their industry and marketing skills. We’re very proud of the professional services we provide, and really appreciate it when our clients refer to us as their partner rather than vendor. We appreciate clients that see the value in making us an intricate part of their marketing team, and truly consider us a partner.


We offer various compensation programs, however the most popular is an inclusive monthly retainer fee covering strategic planning, meetings, media planning, buying and reconciliation, digital analysis, monitoring and reporting, real-time content optimization and production of ongoing digital assets.

SGW provides clients with detailed creative production estimates for projects such as websites, landing pages, videos, events, etc.

Typically, digital and traditional media is placed, purchased and reconciled at net with no agency commissions or mark-up.

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